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Rites of passage; rights of womanhood, 2014

Published in 2014, Rites of Passage; Rights of Womanhood features stories about the landmarks and milestones in the authors' lives that left their mark. From coming out stories, and mental health crises, to accounts of rape and sexual assault, every story revealed the strength and resilience of the women who wrote them. Authors of this anthology were: Kerri Loughran, Davina Seelumbur, Charlotte Baker, Gillian Duffy, Annabel Ashalley-Anthony, Nicola Morawska, Cathy Davies, Janice L., Shaniqua Benjamin and more.



Out of body experience, 2016

Why is the female body so politicised? Is it special? Should it be protected? What happens when it gets damaged? These are the questions answered by our Out of Body Experience's authors. Stories of miscarriage, self-love and sexual assault are featured. The authors of this anthology re-opened old wounds to heal them again. They showed how women can overcome any obstacle. Authors include Kady Tustin, Cloe Grampa and Jade Oakes.




This anthology is centered around the experiences of women of colour in our modern world, which has seen a return to overt far-right nationalism and white supremacy. For more information and submission guidelines, please see the submission page.