Quick Update!

Finally, Spring has arrived. 

Two things:

  • Due to a slower submission response, I've decided to keep the deadline for Vol 3 open until winter 2018, a proper deadline date will be announced in that season
  • If you are a self-published female writer who would like some publicity/reviews written about your book(s) on the blog, please get in touch (queries.redink@hotmail.com). Let's support women writers :)  

Happy International Women's Day!

This is a fantastic time of year to celebrate all the wonderful achievements women have made to our world and society, and highlight the issues women face in the world today. In the wake of #EverydaySexism, #MeToo and #TimesUp, it's clear we still have a lot to do for true gender equality and the respect of women. 

When I was working at a secondary school, we used to celebrate women's day through the whole of March--and so with that in mind, the submission deadlines for RED INK Vol 3 is being extended till the 31st March 2018! Check out the submission page for more info. 

Keep fighting!